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How to Learn Paragliding

Paragliding, outside of cost, is a fairly low-barrier-to-entry way to take soaring flights for hours above scenic locations across the world. Women and men, both young and old, can learn the basics with just a little more than a week of instruction. It's a self-regulated sport, meaning you don't nee

2010 World Cup And Soccer Wars

Sports is perceived as one of the ways, if not the only one, to build bridges between nations and cultures. But the World Cup history goes hand in hand with ugly incidents between fans and players, to say the least. Since the very first Football World Cup championship in 1930, there were numerous re

Want To Learn Surfing?

Aha! Whenever we hear of the term "surfing", instantly a scene plays automatically in front of our eyes. We imagine ourselves on a surf board riding on the crest of a wave and showing off many fancy moves to our friends who are watching from the shore. It is not unusual at all because we o