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Instructions for Pomegranates

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The pomegranate has been a favorite fruit in the Mediterranean and Middle East since antiquity. It figures in Greek mythology and Islamic art, is associated with Ganesh in the Hindu pantheon and both the Buddha and Bodhidarma in Buddhism. Among Mediterranean Christians, it is traditionally a pomegra

Champagne and Hangovers

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Champagne has been a coveted drink for centuries and is still seen as a symbol of status and pedigree, even in these more socially mobile times. It's the perfect beverage to indulge in this Christmas and is the icing on the cake of many a high end social occasion and celebration. Champagne gift

Figuring Out Vegan Bread

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For people just beginning a vegan diet, figuring out what foods are vegan can be a challenge. Bread you buy in the store can have several animal products in it; you would not realize it unless you knew what to look for. This article offers a list of animal ingredients to look out for and offers seve