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Saturn Facts for Science Projects


    • The number of moons that are known to orbit Saturn has grown, as scientists continue to discover more of them. According to the website Kids Cosmos, there was a recorded number of 22 moons surrounding Saturn in the year 2000, although an additional nine moons had been discovered by the year 2002. The website Universe Today reported on their website that there were known to be at least 60 moons orbiting Saturn in the year 2008, which is second only to Jupiter, which was found to have 63 moons in 2008.

    Saturn's Rings

    • The rings that circle this planet are what make Saturn different from other planets in the solar system. These rings were once thought to be solid although, according to Kids Cosmos, it has now been discovered that these rings are made up of a vast quantity of frozen water particles, which are held together by the many moons that orbit the planet.


    • Saturn has the least density of all the planets in our solar system. With each cubic centimeter of Saturn weighing just 0.687 grams, it is much lighter than Earth, which has a density of 5.52 grams per cubic centimeter. Saturn also has a lower density than water, which weighs in at one gram per cubic centimeter. This means that if the planet Saturn was placed onto a large enough area of water, it would float.

    Life on Saturn

    • Because of the hostile environment which exists on the surface of Saturn, it is not possible for life to exist there. This is because it is so cold that water cannot maintain a liquid form. However, according to University Today, it is possible that life could exist on one of Saturn's moons. Saturn's largest moon, Titan, is the only moon in our solar system which is known to have an atmosphere. This moon is able to maintain enough warmth for water to exist as a liquid, which is why it is a possibility that the moon could also inhabit lifeforms.

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