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How to Patch the Inside of Car Tires

    • 1). Remove the item from the tire (if applicable) with a pair of cutting dikes. Inspect the hole from the bladder of the tire. Holes larger than 1/4-inch should not be patched. Also, inspect the bladder of the tire for rubber powder/shavings. This would indicate the tire was driven flat and had now shaved the rubber from the bladder and sidewall. The tire should then be replaced.

    • 2). Ream the hole of the tire with a tire reamer tool. The tire reamer enlarges the hole in the tire to the width of the reamer, but also makes it easier to pull the mushroom patch through the hole.

    • 3). Put on safety glasses and then scuff the inside area of the bladder with the pneumatic tire buffer. Scuff an area about 3-inches in circumference around the hole in the tire.

    • 4). Apply a thin, even coat of tire cement to the scuffed area and allow five minutes for the cement to cure.

    • 5). Peel the protective paper off of the underside of the mushroom patch and then place the pointed metal sleeve of the patch into the hole from the bladder. Push down on the patch from the top as far as possible. If the sleeve can be pushed all the way in by hand, get a bigger mushroom patch with a larger plug and metal sleeve.

    • 6). Pry the point of the metal sleeve from the outside of the tire with a pair of pliers. There should be some resistance to ensure the plug of the mushroom patch is sealing the hole properly. Discard the metal sleeve.

    • 7). Roll the tire stitcher over the patch section of the mushroom patch from inside the bladder. Roll the stitcher in different directions until the patch lays flat and is sealed against the tire cement. The patch should not slip around or move when done using the stitcher.

    • 8). Apply a second, thicker, even coat of tire cement over the patch section of the mushroom patch and allow 10 to 15 minutes to cure before mounting and balancing the tire.

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