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France From An Educational Point Of View For Those First Time Teachers!

A school trip should be carefully considered and should be organised right down to each tiny detail. The children should not only gain wider knowledge on the targeted subject during the visit but they should also acquire resourcefulness and self-reliance. The children should be given an experience that they can share with others happily.

School trips make a huge difference to learning and are a pleasant change to the normal classroom-based activities the children are used to. This refreshing educational method is likely to stimulate young minds and be highly beneficial.

School travel is a vital part to consider as there are risks involved if you are not properly prepared. If you are keen to take the students abroad for an even more exciting experience, then France would be an ideal place to choose. You can opt out of the rather daunting thought of airports and choose to let your school travel by coach, this way you can keep a close eye on your responsibilities efficiently and safely.

This is not the only reason for travelling to France though. French trips are high in educational sites and activities to take part in and enjoy with something for all age groups. The brilliant thing about French trips is that you can be there and back home in a day, so if you find an overnight stay an intimidating responsibility this is likely to be a smart option.

In France, you will find plenty of things to occupy the children constantly with so many attractions that bring both culture and education to your visit. One of the most obvious places to visit would be Paris. Depending on the length of the stay you may find that Disneyland Paris would be ideal for an adventurous school group, and with young children by your side a sign of boredom would be a rare thing! Disneyland is not just a place for fun and games, it interlinks fun with engaging educational techniques.

If you are looking for a more traditional way of schooling then you may take interest in the Louvre Museum. Children can be in a controlled environment and enjoy the history, culture and heritage of France.

Notre-Dame de Paris is a popular landmark in France. The cathedral will inspire and amaze children when you tell them how the cathedral stars in the novel The Hunchback of Notre Dame. The children may not have read the book, but its likely that they would have seen cartoon versions! Bring the book along and photocopy a few pages for the children to look at. Get them to point out where the characters would be and create some engaging activities. This will give the children a task to concentrate on but may also urge them to obtain more interest.

Of course the famous Eiffel Tower is an amazing place to consider and will be an experience that will surely excite your students. A striking piece of architecture can spark aspirations in young children.

Regardless, each site you plan to visit should be carefully mapped out and planned, make sure you have all the tools you need to ensure a smooth journey and you can be confident that you have produced one of the most memorable trips yet!

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