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Utilizing Contests And Crowd-sourcing To Grow Your Loyalty And Subscribers

If you are anything like me, you have observed a design that is appeared on your Facebook or MySpace newsfeed.  The content that I am talking about all start with something like;

"Vote for me to win…"

"Vote for my group to win a port to play Bonnaroo,"

"Vote for my baby because he / she is the sweetest thing ever."

"Vote for my dog, cat, creature, etc…"

Companies having competitions and using the public networking "crowd" is nothing new, but more and more organizations are recognizing the far extending advantages of operating a crowd-sourced competitors.

The idea is to get individuals to try and win something from your organization by getting their friends and connections to elect for them.

Doritos has completely taken over this space in the past years with their Accident the Superbowl Facebook competitors.  This year was particularly awesome for me to see because an old secondary school buddy, Ben Callner, won the competitors with his "Goat 4 Sale" movie which broadcasted in the latest Superbowl.  Unnecessary to say, for the whole voting period, my information nourish was regularly loaded with my friends all voting for Ben and getting the news out for Doritos.

What this competitor has done for Doritos is difficult for me to evaluate without accessibility Doritos statistics, but the consequences can be seen straight on my own Facebook or MySpace information nourish. Firstly, an increase in product attention and commitment, customer produced suggestions, and public involvement. In addition to that each time I viewed Ben's professional I found myself wanting some Doritos… The main point here, however, is that Doritos marketed more snacks because of the strategy.

If you can incentivize your focus on audience to contend to win something from your organization by attaining out to their own personal systems it is a promotion win.

The system is not very complex:
  1. Use competitor's software or create your competitors internal.  The most convenient and most apparent path is to keep the competitors straight on Facebook or MySpace.  With a member going above 1 Billion dollars individuals, you cannot go incorrect web host the competitors with them.
  2. Figure out an award or set of rewards that really excites your focus on audience.
  3. Choose a competitors type that advantages your organization (best image using product, movie, professional, review, short tale, most votes).
  4. Set competitors guidelines, factors, conditions, and circumstances.
  5. Promote the terrible out of your competitors and make it deceased simple for your customers to advertise the competitors.

What exclusive competitions have you seen operating across your information nourish lately?

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