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How to Fix Volkswagen Brake Rotors

    • 1). Buy a new set of brake rotors from a local automotive store, Volkswagen dealership, or online. Make sure to replace all four rotors at the same time.

    • 2). Place a brick behind each of the rear wheels and use a jack to raise the front end of the car.

    • 3). Use a ratchet to remove the lug nuts on each of the front wheels and pull the wheels off of the car.

    • 4). Remove the bolts that connect the caliper to the brake rotor. These are usually found behind the assembly. Pull off the caliper housing and place it to the side, making sure not to disconnect the brake line.

    • 5). Pull the brake rotor off of the car. There may be a screw on the front of the rotor keeping it in place, if so remove this screw before pulling off the rotor.

    • 6). Take the new rotor and put it into place. Replace the screw (if there was one), the caliper and caliper mounting bolts, and the wheel. Tighten the lug nuts firmly to secure the wheel in place.

    • 7). Lower the front end and relocate the bricks from behind the rear wheels to the front of the front wheels.

    • 8). Use the jack to raise the rear end.

    • 9). Repeat steps 3 through 6 for the rear end.

    • 10

      Lower the rear end and remove the bricks from the front of the car.

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